" Just wanted to say how much Sam is enjoying his swimming lessons with George. Each lesson he seems more and more confident. He loves George and talks about him after lessons like George is the man! We love it there"
- Kelly and Sam

"Just a note to say it has been a complete turn around when it comes to Jone's association with water - last year he was fearful and anxious when we took him down to the beach -this year is such a contrast. He has been swimming every day LOVING it and it is hard to get him back to dry land. No doubt you and your wonderful coaches have a lot to do with this"
- Karina 

"We love Health & Sports Swim Club, it was recommended by other friends and it is superior to any other swimming experience we have had to date :-)"
- Nicky

"The swimming lessons here have exceeded our expectations- I can't believe we took so long to join up- the teachers are calm, kind and caring. They teach skills that are relevant to safety first then they transfer to sports styled swimming as their skills develop. The classes are small and the teachers are both nurturing and challenging for the children- pushing them out of their comfort zone when they see fit. We only wished we'd chosen this swim school earlier."
- Xenia
"Since coming to Health and Sports swim club, swimming has become an enjoyable experience for our sons and not a chore! The instructors are wonderful and the small classes mean they get good intensive tuition. We are very happy with Health and Sports Swim Club and the swimming progress of our children."
- Mel
"At 3 and half years old, my daughter Hilary has been learning to swim at Health & Sport Swim Club since October last year.  We were amazed with the progress she has made, her confidence in the water has grown, and she has really loved her swimming teachers.  Having tried two other swim schools, I know for a fact that Health & Sports Swim Club have got it right!  I am really excited as a parent to know that my daughter is in great hands while she learns to swim"
"I'm so impressed with the teaching at Health & Sports Swim Club, thank you for the excellent work you do. My daughters love their swimming lessons - they like their teachers, they are learning to swim with great confidence and technique, and they have fun!
Before she started lessons at H&S Swim Club, my eldest never believed she could swim because her old swim-school pool had no deep end so she was always able to stand up. The H&S pool has a proper 'deep end', and my children are way more confident now especially when swimming in the ocean because they know they can really swim if they can't touch the ground...they are learning excellent water-safety skills."
- Tracey



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