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Find the class that can inspire your mind and shape your body through fitness classes and workouts with Health & Sports Fitness Club expert trainers and instructors. Our dedicated team will walk with you down the path of success.

Health and sports fitness club does not only offer fitness classes, but also a community full of energy and motivation to help you experience transformation as a result of appropriate programme exercise. Enjoy your favourite workouts form with us, from cardio and dance workout to ultimate resistance training workout, postural alignment, core strengthening and more! Plus, experience cutting edge and latest technology gym facilities. Take the most out of them all as part of your gym membership at Health & Sports Fitness Club. 

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This Yoga class is suitable for any age or level of experience. Yoga’s aim is to bring balance on all levels, through physical strength, flexibility and postural alignment.  Our instructors are very experienced and teach a variety of styles depending on the class. 

Class Duration - 60min
power yoga modern yoga style

Power Yoga

Power Yoga combines the best of ashtanga vinyasa yoga with a modern yoga style.  The perfect way to start your day! It is a flowing yoga that will challenge your strength and balance as it lengthens your muscles, aligning both your body and mind.

Class Duration - 60min
zumba fitness dance class health and sports


Zumba is an exciting dance style fitness class set to the beat of Latin music and exotic dance rhythms.   This highly effective group class, which is suitable for all fitness levels, burns fat and improves cardiovascular fitness, while toning your abdominals.   Come join the party!

Class Duration - 60min
pump class gyms in auckland


This is the ultimate resistance training workout using barbells, hand weights and body weight, all incorporated to maximise muscle tone.  This class targets all major muscle groups with moderate weight and high repetitions.  This is a non-aerobic class. 

Class Duration - 45-60min



This group class focuses on postural alignment, core stability and spinal mobility. It uses slow, controlled movements without any equipment to improve body awareness and to correct any imbalances in the body. 

Class Duration - 60min



Try Health & Sports Fitness Club’s new HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) group fitness class!  Incinerate incorporates strength, plyometric and cardiovascular movements to give you the most intense and fun workout ever!

Class Duration - 60min


Mums Club Classes

Mums Club Classes are exercise classes catered for woman.  They consist of Mums Club CARDIO, BARRE.  Mums Club Classes are completely free for members.

Class Duration - 45min

boxing circuit health and sports fitness club

Boxing Circuit

A combination of fun and simple boxing moves, low-impact and toning exercises. Great for increasing your fitness level and enhancing body-shape. No boxing experience needed. 
Class Duration - 60min


Rear Attitude

Targeting the problem areas, working on the buttocks, inner thighs, general leg shaping, and also the abdominals, for a thorough workout.  Improve your strength and muscular endurance in this class. 

Class Duration - 45min

group cycle class kingsland auckland


Take the ultimate ride!  Cycling incorporates cycling, choreography and motivational coaching techniques to give you a completely safe, aerobic and adrenaline pumping ride.  Find out why Cycle is totally addictive! ** Limited spaces so grab a tag from reception to secure your spot.

Class Duration - 45min

Muay Thai Kickboxing combat style classes

Thai Kickboxing

A fun combat style class designed to increase your fitness and martial arts prowess, by focusing heavily on the Muay Thai Boxing martial art.  **Please note there are limited spaces for this class so grab a tag from reception on arrival to secure your spot.

Class Duration - 60min

Power Step and Core class burn fat

Step & Core

Step & Core takes the traditional step class to the next level. It incorporates high intensity step training routines with an effective core workout to blast the abs. shift your fat burning workout routine up a gear.

Class Duration - 60min



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